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The builders take their place in Lakeview Village.
Each community, each district is simultaneously
a unique lifestyle and connected experience,
because wouldn’t it be nice to live together?

Discover Phase 1 of the residences at Lakeview Village.
More opportunities will be available soon.

What's New

Lakeview in 3D

Immerse yourself in the master-planned
community. Fly from Toronto to Mississauga, over
the builders’ communities and through the
dynamic districts: watch Lakeview come to life.

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Lakeview Village.

Experience winter at its festive best at Lakeview Square, the heart of things. Being walkable and open, the central gathering space is flanked by restaurants and shops glowing with the spirit of the season.


Introducing the Dynamic Districts

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Waterway Common.

Waterway Common has transformed into a skating rink, where you can glide across the vast swathe of ice, or simply relax in a neighbouring café and watch the world go by.


Waterfront Park.

Ring in the New Year at Lakeview Village’s Waterfront Park, a brilliantly designed space where you can watch the season’s celebrations and take in the fireworks display.

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